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OKey is the Creative Director of Dynamic Creations ~ a creative development and web solutions agency.

He is a solution-oriented web development expert with over 7 years experience handling various projects on behalf of clients across several industries such as real estate, eCommerce, media, construction amongst others.

His creative expertise also extends to the production of marketing explainer and screencast videos, android applications and creative research.

The Head, ICT Operations at Visionary Impact Netwox also lead the media and technical services at LifeGift Global Limited.

As a writer, I write on life, technology, self-development, and spirituality.

I love reading and developing new skills, as a result, I founded an Academy where young people can learn skills that help them live a better life and impact their world at Dynamic Academy.

A market minister and lover of God, on a mission to help individuals fulfill their mandates in the marketplace.

To know more about my professional life, please visit my Linkedin Page.

I offer digital and consulting services. I am available to handle your projects.

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