Imagine if there is one key that can help you receive more abundance into your life.
What if I can hand that key over to you?
This key is what Jesus used to unlock the miracle working power from God. Did you notice that before Jesus perform any miracle,

Did you notice that before Jesus perform any miracle He first of all did one thing?
Check the story of feeding the five thousand,  the story of raising Lazarus from death,  the last supper and many others.
That one thing He did is to give thanks. That key is Gratitude.  JESUS knew the power of gratitude and the loss attached to it that He frowned at nine lepers after he healed ten of them and asked them to go show themselves to the priests.
He knew they will have incomplete healing if they didn’t come back to give thanks. And when that one man came, He asked, ……where are the other nine?
I can imagine the pain in the heart of Jesus for what these men will lose. But He couldn’t do anything about it because they had gone away.
AND He told that one man, now your faith (ability to come back and give thanks) has made you whole.
This guy received more than the others just by one act, Gratitude. See Luke 17:11-19.

Can you imagine what you have lost by not giving thanks for what you already have?
Many things have eluded us by not giving thanks.
But you can do something about it. Because whoever that have gratitude will receive more and whoever that doesn’t have gratitude will even lose the one he has even unknowingly.

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Here are five ways you can develop an attitude of gratitude.

1. Always thank God for everything you receive no matter how small. David understands this key as you can see him doing it in the book of Psalms.

2. Thank everyone that rendered any form of help to you no matter how insignificant it might look.        Somebody helped you pick something or adjusted a seat in a bus, a simple thank you won’t belittle you.   Whether you or old.  I remember my small nephew always asking me why I always thank him when I ask him to get something from me. He feels I shouldn’t as been older than him, but I always remind him he deserves it and that He should do it always.

3. When you are tempted to worry or complain about what you don’t have, start counting all the things you already have.

4. Make a daily list of every good thing that happened to you throughout the day and give thanks for them.

5. Thank God in advance for the things you are asking Him to do for you and watch them come faster than you expect.

If you begin this practice,  you will see the way good things will be coming to your path in ways you never imagined.

Please share this piece with someone, they will thank you later for the result of applying and using these keys.

Do you have a personal experience of using this key, or from someone you know. Kindly share it in the comments below.
God bless you. #livingtheword #powerofgratitude