Video Marketing Strategy

Whitebaord and Explainer Videos Animation provides a unique way to engage your audience with your business and brand. Going from the Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) point of view, videos area a MUST have for any website as they often appear on the first page of search results with minimal efforts.

Also, websites with Videos are also 53 times more likely to increase their search engine rankings and increase conversions by up to 41%. Another interesting part is that these types of videos are generally watched in their entirety because of its engaging ability.

Why do you need animation video for your business?

Top brands are already using it.

Humans like trends a lot, so if big clients like GTB, First Bank etc are using video animations, it is important that you adopt same marketing option and keep your customers engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

Animation Videos are engaging.

Because whiteboard and explainer videos are more engaging than talking head videos or ordinary powerpoint slides, your viewers are always likely to watch it to the end.

Very cost effective.

TV advertising is on the high side and only top brands can afford the cost. But with animation videos, both small and big business can afford it and integrate it into their marketing plans.

Easier to share

Whiteboard and explainer videos are easy to share through social networks (facebook, twitter,Whatsapp etc), YouTube, it can be used on websites and can also be projected on any device.

Why i should use animated video for marketing and educating?

They hold viewers attention, capture wandering eyes and exclude unnecessary information. Above all, they are affordable and fast to make.

What types of videos do you make?

I make whiteboard videos, explainer videos, kinetic typography videos and screencast videos.

Where can i use the videos you make?

Our videos are formatted to be used on any type of media device, social networks, video platforms and your websites.

What categories of videos do you make?

We make videos for product or service showcase, product review, educational, birthday, resume etc.

Do you make videos with colored characters?

Yes, I make videos of colored and black/white characters or a mixture of both.

What is the cost of the video?

The cost is determined by different factors like length of video, elements involved, and voice over inclusion.

How long does it take to make a video?

Generally, non-voice over videos can be produced within 3 days depending on the length of video while videos with voice over takes up to 5 days or less. All is counted from when the script is approved by you.

Must i do a video with voice over?

No, we can create videos without voice over narration, however, a video with voice over reduces much text and makes the video more engaging.

What file formats do you accept?

For script or concept, I accept Ms word or. Txt files; music and voice over in .mp3, illustrations and images in .svg, I do not recommend .png or.jpg, but I can convert them to.svg at a small fee.

Can i make changes after the video is created?

To reduce changes or revisions, we make sure you are completely satisfied with the script before we produce the voice over and proceed with the animation process. However changes can be made in form of elements positioning or text formats and colors.

Tools I Use

Video Creation Process

Behind the scenes of the processes involved.


This is the message that you want to translate to your audience. The script represents the ‘WHAT’ of the video and is created based on the goal and target audience.

Story Board

If the script is ‘what’ of the video, the storyboard is the ‘how’ of the video. At this stage, I create a visual sketch of the main actions based on the script and they will appear on the video.

Voice Over

Voiceover is an off-screen narrator who tells the story that was developed from the scrip. It is used on top of the animation and it also helps in measuring the lenght and timing of the animation when used for videos that requires voiceover.


Illustrations are the graphic elements that we animate to appear to the video. They can be in form of character design, logo, images, typography or backgrounds.


This is where the fun takes place. We take all the elements and animate them to stimulate the illusion of life. Simply means, we give life to the elements.

Sound Fx

Sound effects and background music enhances the overall perception of the video. It makes the message clrear to the viewer and adds some emotional feels to the animation.

Create Your Own Video

I don’t think that salesmen should do all the talking and so I recommend that you get your own video created today so it can go viral and reach a larger market. My video pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current situation and your objectives.

N 30000 NGN /60secs
  • Free Background Music
  • Voice Over Creation and Synchronization
  • Story Board Creation
  • Free Character Images
N 40000 NGN /90secs
  • Free Background Music
  • Voice Over Creation and Synchronization
  • Story Board Creation
  • Free Character Images
N 55000 NGN /120secs
  • Free Background Music
  • Voice Over Creation and Synchronization
  • Story Board Creation
  • Free Character Images