Solving the budget problem is one problem many people are facing even in developed countries.

I was listening to Jim Rohn, the famous American Personal Development Coach.

He narrated when he was facing financial difficulty in his life.

He said he was blaming the government; things are high, bad economy and many of such. He continued like that, living pay check to pay check until he met his mentor, Earl Shoaff.

His mentor made him understand that he was blaming the things he needed to succeed.  That what he needs to change is his philosophy, and when he believed and accepted that advice, he said his life changed radically and he saw that those things he was blaming were not his problems, but his taught pattern was.

Now, how does that affect you and your budget?

Many people are where they are today because of their taught patterns.

And that is always to think that is there never enough.

That, there is a lack.

But ask yourself, what about those enjoying the good things of life, are they not human like me?

My friend, there is enough to go round.

There is abundance everywhere.

Now, there is always this ‘belief’ that when finances are bad, the best thing to do is to cut down on your expenses and find a way to save money. Well, that is only if the expenses are the wasteful type.

But ideally, that is not the right route to take.

For example, when people are residing in say a 3 bedroom apartment, and their rent is increased, their income cannot meet up.

The fastest route the average person will take is either to move into a smaller apartment or to move to a remote place where a similar apartment is cheap.

Now look at the cons of moving to a remote place based on my research and observation,

  • You spend more on transport and more time to get to the main central place of your town
  • You regularly experience fatigue and stress because of distance

Now listen to this, you do not solve a budget problem by cutting down your expenses or denying yourself the good things of life. You solve a budget problem by looking for ways to increase your income and create financial independence.

The society tells us that when your income doesn’t meet your expenses, the best thing to do is to cut down.

  • Cut down on your food
  • Reduce your auto expenses
  • Cancel that vacation
  • Stop taking your family out
  • Send your kids to cheaper school, and many more.

That is a wrong approach. Instead of thinking less, think more.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting living a wasteful life to look big, but I am saying, don’t deny yourself the good things of life because your income is low.

Using the rent example above, the ideal thing to do is to ask yourself the tough and good question;

How do I create other avenues to earn more money to meet up with my bills?

Asking yourself such question triggers something in your mind to think of a solution for an increase rather than for reduction.

Remember this you can make any amount you want if you can train your mind to think big.

It is said that the same physical energy it takes to a thousand is same effort it takes to make a million; the only difference is in the thoughts that created both incomes.

Stop solving your budget or money problems the wrong way, which is to think less.

Rather Think Big.

Think More

Think Abundance

There is more than enough

What other ways is best to solve a budget problem?

Let me hear your views in the comment.

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