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You have made the right choice.

Sometimes it can be difficult trying to every piece of your business together.

You finish one task, and then another is waiting for you.

You are confused about which digital strategy to apply or implement to achieve the kind of result you are expecting.

You watched tutorials, read many books but it seems not to be working.

It’s time you allow me to work on those techy aspects of your business while you focus on the non-techy aspects.

We can start by choosing any of the following approaches.



Does this sound or look like the dream you have?

Spend more time with your family.

Focusing on making money for your business while someone else handles all the technical aspect.

You want to start or grow a new brand and will like a step by step process handed over to you.

Then, I am the person you are looking for.

I have both the technical and growth experience that will save you time and money.

You watched tutorials, read many books but it seems not to be working.

It’s time you allow me to work on those techy aspects of your business while you focus on the non-techy aspects.

My service will help achieve your business goal.

Somebody introduced me to Okey Chigbu I tracked him until we met. When we got talking I discovered that he is highly skilled in Internet process and all. He opened two blogs for me and whenever there are issues, he rallies round to ensure they are corrected. He does his work in a humble and respectful manner; he is not greedy but dedicated and very transparent. I trusted him after a few months he worked for me, and what is important is that he knows the job and how to go about it. Even though I have people close to me who could do a similar thing he does, I stuck to him because of his dynamism in the job and his sincerity. He is a guy I can recommend for anyone.”



You have some time in your hand and want to lay your hand on the task yourself. But still, need a step by step on what to do.

This is more like taking you by the hand and walking you through.

I have some well-detailed courses to help you achieve this.

I want to express my immense appreciation to you once again for the introduction and encouragement on the MailChimp solution. I am so, so thankful. Your encouragement and assurances have been very fruitful, Indeed, your overall extension of helping hands has indicated to me that I can rely on, and work with you as far as related matters are concerned. At the moment, I have been using the Mailchimp services, exploring the vast, vast features, and the experience has been wonderful.”



With my many years handling different tech and digital projects.
You will get to pick my brain here.
I will work closely with you.
Remove every confusion you have in making the right decision.

Here’s what you get with Strategy and Consultation services:

  • Strategy Session, where we will lay everything bare.
  • Discovery, where we will discover what is lacking or needs to be amended.
  • Recommendation, where I will recommend the right action to take in other to achieve the desired goal.
  • Implementation, here I will take all the pieces together and produce the right result

How Do Achieve This?

I will get on a call with you or on Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp. I will look into your session and map out a strategy that will work for you. This session lasts about 30mins for an investment of just N20,000.

Are you ready to pick my brain now?

Okey took my project from an idea and developed a digital business, saving me a lot of stress and expense. He fully understands how to combine simple tools that are user-friendly, taking him time to ensure that we spend less and get more – from design to launch.



You have an existing website or I built one for you, there is a need to always maintain and update the website to ensure it is secured and up to date.

You need to manage the contents on your website.

With the high rate of mobile usage now, you will need to have an Android Mobile App of your website so your visitors can have you on the go.

Or you have some technical issues you want to resolve.

Then reach out to me let help you achieve any of these goals.

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