Want to grow and scale your business online?

I help SMART BUSINESS owners grow and scale their business online using digital tools and solutions.

How I can help you

My ultimate goal is to help you achieve results.

I help Smart business owners grow and scale their business online using digital tools and solutions. My strategies will ensure that you can save time, automate your processes, and scale your business with ease.

I want to help you grow your business online using digital tools and solutions. These are different ways I can help you.

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Web Solutions/Digital Marketing

Need a website to grow your business even while you sleep?

I will help you build a high-converting and result-oriented website that brings traffic and sales, save time and improve your results.

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Digital Business Automation

Let’s create systems and funnels that will help you save time and make money even while you sleep.

Whether it’s a sales funnel, membership sites, online sales, content management automation, etc.

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Web Maintenance and Audit

Your website runs on software that needs regular updates, maintenance, auditing, and technical analysis to ensure it is serving the needs of your visitors.

Request for website maintenance support.

How I Work

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I will help you define the goals and objectives.

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I will then design a strategy to achieve the defined goal.

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We will both review and refine the strategy.

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Then I will go ahead and build, launch and track results.

Why Work With Okey

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Special Attention

You will have access to me where we will work on your project one on one.

Goal Oriented

One thing my clients experience is that they are sure that their business goals will be achieved through my strategic solutions and implementation.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You will not be left stranded. I will ensure that you are totally satisfied with your project and I will give you continuous support going forward.

Fast Delivery

No matter how complex your project is, I will work with you to ensure that the set deadline is achieved.

What my clients are saying

Okey Chigbu is an expert in the true sense of the word with a touch of class and excellence when it comes to website design.
He first did a job for us, and the professionalism and ingenuity that he brought to the work made us give him two additional websites to do for us. We are happy working with him.
Looking for a professional website designer that will exceed your expectation, you have your answer in the person of Okey Chigbu.

Tony Ajah

Somebody introduced me to Okey Chigbu I tracked him until we met. When we got talking I discovered that he is highly skilled in Internet process and all. He opened two blogs for me and whenever there are issues, he rallies round to ensure they are corrected. He does his work in a humble and respectful manner; he is not greedy but dedicated and very transparent. I trusted him after a few months he worked for me, and what is important is that he knows the job and how to go about it. Even though I have people close to me who could do a similar thing he does, I stuck to him because of his dynamism in the job and his sincerity. He is a guy I can recommend for anyone.

Chinedu Eze

Okey took my project from an idea and developed a digital business, saving me a lot of stress and expense. They fully understand how to combine simple tools that are user-friendly, taking their time to ensure that we spend less and get more – from design to launch.


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Hi, My name is Okey Chigbu

I am a Digital Media Consultant.

I make tech easy, fun, and profitable.

I help smart businesses owners and personal brands grow and scale their businesses online using digital tools and solutions.

I use digital tools to create automation and strategies that translate into an increase in sales and profits and also save time.

okey chigbu

I make tech easy, fun, and profitable.

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