Be Careful, Your action affects others

check your action

Some of the things we face or experience in life are a result of the actions some of us or others took knowingly or unknowingly.

Years ago, I was traveling by a particular bus company from Lagos to Owerri, the driver because of reasons best known to him took a decision that later affected all the passengers.

He left the route he was supposed to ply to get out of Lagos and enter the main and took another route, even when many passengers told him that route was not the right one.

And that single decision caused us to spend an additional 4 hours on the way and we ended up getting to Owerri very late.

Remember this, every decision you make has either a positive or negative consequence.

That is why we have laws.

Laws restrain us from doing things that have consequences in the future(depending on what your future is).

Before taking any action or deciding not to take any, first weigh the effect it will have on you and others.

That’s why I love the ‘Golden Rule.

The whole lesson of what the Golden Rule teaches us is that if we think about the consequences of our actions first, we will have to rethink and avoid being selfish in our decisions.

Think about it.

When you don’t pay the price to succeed in life as a parent, it will affect your children negatively.

No wonder the Bible said that a good man leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren, imagine, not just children but grandchildren.

When you don’t bring up your children in the ways of God, they will become a menace in society.

When you don’t pray well and consistently with understanding, you will have a weak spiritual life and cannot have spiritual oversight over those under you.

When you don’t pay the price for success, your family will not enjoy the ‘good’ things of life.

When you don’t develop your mind through reading and skill improvement, you will not be a good example or pattern for others to follow.

As a leader, when you don’t lead well by having goals and visions and communicating your vision clearly, your team will suffer for it because everything rises and falls on leadership.

Before you take any decision, and then the action that will follow it, first ask yourself, are there people that will suffer if I take this decision and action?

Sit down, count the cost, and consider the future effect.

Gehazi brought a curse upon his generation because of a few minutes of decision and action.

Joseph saved his family and the nation because he refused to yield to a moment of pleasure.

Jesus gave up himself because it would bring salvation to the world.

Will your decisions and actions bring a blessing or a curse to others?

Think about others before you act.

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