The Secret to Solomon’s Wealth and How It can Help you

The Secret to Solomon’s Wealth and How It can Help you

Solomon is the richest man who ever lived and there is a secret to his wealth.

He got a divine key to wealth when God gave him a blank cheque to ask for whatever he wants.

Solomon wasn’t a type of today’s Christian because the answer he gave to God for the request kind of ‘surprised’ God, why?

God told us why.

Solomon didn’t ask for riches and honor

Solomon did not ask for long life

Solomon did not ask for his enemies to be killed.

A careful look at the prayers of most Christians today shows it is centered around these 3 points.

So because Solomon was concerned about all these, and he had an understanding of Matt 6:33 that if you seek the kingdom first, other things will be added to you.

God fulfilled that promise to Solomon by giving him wealth which was an addition to the wisdom Solomon asked for.

Now the question is, how did that pronouncement to Solomon that he will be the richest man that ever lived translate to material or tangible wealth.

We all understand that God doesn’t send money down to anyone from heaven.

His  way of doing that is by giving us the power to get wealth- Deut 8:18

So, that was what was given to Solomon and that is what is given to us today.

So God has played his part and we must play our part.

But first, what is that power to get wealth?

To understand it well, we must look at the abilities that help one to make create wealth in the marketplace- they are business skills like negotiation, closing sales, marketing, sales, leadership, communication skills, etc. 

So in this contest,  power here means a lot of things, some of them are, strength, grace, ability, courage, boldness, determination, favor, etc.
It then means you need grace, strength, and ability boldness to acquire these skills mentioned above because only then can you dominate in your industry.

So how did Solomon turn the pronouncement and promise God made to him into tangible wealth?

  1. He was a king, and as it’s a custom, you do not visit a king without a gift. So he was receiving gifts on a regular basis. An example was the Queen of Sheeba that paid him a visit.
    Remember you are also a king and you must work out your kingship in your own field and where the word of a king is, there is power.
  2. He became an investor and an importer- He invested in buying of gold, silver, ivory, etc. and he had a fleet of sheep bringing returns to him every 3 years. 2 Chronicles 9:28
  3. He was a consultant- Different people including high profile men and women like Queen of Sheeba came to consult him on different issues and he was paid for the counsel and advice he was giving to them to solve their problems. – 2 Chron 9:22-23
  4. He was a project manager- With this powerful skill, he managed and coordinated the building and construction of the temple until it was successfully completed.

So before you keep hoping that the promises God made to you will just happen without your effort, learn from the life of Solomon.

Don’t stop at claiming how you will be the richest man in your village, but go out there and acquire skills and abilities that will make it happen.

Learn high-paying skills

Develop yourself mentally

Learn how to network and communicate well

Learn how to market and sell

Pray, Claim the promises, and then Work to make it happen.

That is how to create wealth.

That Challenge is for your greatness,don’t quit on the way

That Challenge is for your greatness,don’t quit on the way

Life is full of challenges. And if we face it as it should, we will enjoy the benefits.

Jesus didn’t promise us an easy life.

In fact, He said, in this world, we will have tribulations and tests, but we shouldn’t lose faith because He has overcome the world.

In Hebrews 12:5-11, we were actually told that if we don’t face challenges, it’s a signal that our sonship is questionable.
It is painful to pass through challenges, but the result it produces far outweighs the test.

James equally admonishes us to rejoice when we face difficulties in life. James 1:4 (MSG) said we should not try to get out anything prematurely.

But is it what we see in our society today?

Many have been taught that once they ‘come’ to Jesus, all their problems are over. This is a half-truth or even false teaching.  This is the reason for the half-baked believers we have today.

Jesus, Himself had to endure many tests for Him to become our perfect example.

Imagine if He stopped on the way?

This mindset becomes obvious in how we pray when difficulties come our way.

The way we pray virtually for everything, imagine if some people were praying for Joseph to be delivered from prison, or he himself praying to be delivered from Potiphar’s house, would he have become the deliverer of God’s people?

You must be sensitive enough to know the reason for the test you are facing like Joseph.

Ask, What has this got to teach me.

Sometimes, when we move far away from God, He may allow a test to come so He can get our attention back to him.

Like David in Psalm 119:71, he said his troubles were good for him, for they forced him to learn from God’s word.

Be sure the type of deliverance prayer you are praying to be delivered from has completed its job so that you won’t cut short God’s work on His molding process for you.

Joseph was tested and molded.

All things work together for those who love God. If you love God, be sure everything is working FOR and NOT against you. Rom 8:28

Gold goes into the fire before it becomes a precious metal, you must be tested before you become great.

And your challenges are a pointer to how great you will become.

No pain, No Gain.

You will come out successful in Jesus’s name.

Understanding the place of challenges and difficulties in our life

Understanding the place of challenges and difficulties in our life

Many times the things we call challenges and difficulties are God’s way of training us and building us to prepare for the things He has in stock for us.

He has good plans and intentions for us and whatever He allows to come our way is for our good.
Until we allow those challenges to finish their work, we will delay His plans for our life.

Listen to this audio and find out how to face challenges the right way.