Be Careful, Your action affects others

Be Careful, Your action affects others

Some of the things we face or experience in life are a result of the actions some of us or others took knowingly or unknowingly.

Years ago, I was traveling by a particular bus company from Lagos to Owerri, the driver because of reasons best known to him took a decision that later affected all the passengers.
He left the route he was supposed to ply to get out of Lagos and enter the main and took another route, even when many passengers told him that route is not the right one,
And that single decision caused us to spend an additional 4hrs on the way and we ended up getting to Owerri very late.
Remember this, every decision you make has either a positive or negative consequence.
That is why we have laws.
Laws restrain us from doing things that have consequences in the future(depending on what your future is).
Before taking any action or deciding not to take any, first weigh the effect it will have on you and others.
That’s why I love the ‘Golden Rule‘.
Part of what the Golden Rule teaches us is that if we think about the consequences of our actions first, we will have a rethink and avoid being selfish in our decisions.
Think about it.
When you don’t t pay the price to succeed in life as a parent, it will affect your children negatively.
No wonder the Bible said that a good man leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren, imagine, not just children but grandchildren.
When you don’t bring up your children in the ways of God, they will become a menace in society.
When you don’t pray well and consistently with understanding, you will have a weak spiritual life and cannot have spiritual oversight over those under you.
When you don’t pay the price for success, your family will not enjoy the ‘good’ things of life.
When you don’t develop your mind through reading and skill improvement, you will not be a good example or pattern for others to follow.
As a leader, when you don’t lead well by having goals and visions and communicating your vision clearly, your team will suffer for it because everything rises and falls on leadership.
Before you take any decision, and then the action that will follow it, first ask yourself, are there people that will suffer if I take this decision and action?
Sit down, count the cost, and consider the future effect.
Gehazi brought a curse upon his generation because of a few minutes of decision and action.
Joseph saved his family and the nation because he refused to yield to a moment of pleasure.
Jesus gave up himself because it will bring salvation to the world.
Will your decision and actions bring a blessing or a curse to others?
Think about it.
How to overcome Selfishness

How to overcome Selfishness

Selfishness or self-centeredness is engraved deep in the heart of every human being.

 Some of us have been able to cut down self-centredness to a certain level while some have it to a very large degree.

 Self-centeredness is actually putting the needs and concerns of yourself before the needs of others.

 The reason for the lying, cheating, or killings that we are experiencing is deep-rooted in self-centeredness.

 The cure for it starts from the heart because everything originates from the heart.

 Remember, Jesus said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, so everything starts from the heart.

 And the only way to cure self-centeredness is to change from the inside and that change from the inside is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.

 And that is what Jesus came to show us how to do.

 So we are going to look at four different ways that we can use to overcome self-centeredness by looking at the life of Jesus Christ who is our perfect example.

1.  We must agree with each other and love one another.

 You must learn to agree with other people’s views,  see things from their own point of view or from their own perspective and show genuine love to people because true love cares for the needs of other people.

2.  Don’t push your way to the front or sweet-talk your way to the top.

 Everyone wants to get noticed, everyone is struggling to be seen.  And as a result,  they say things that are false or have truth to get their way to the top.  And this can be seen in the areas of seeking promotion, making more money or in every other daily activity that we engage in. So we must learn to put ourselves aside so that we don’t bring other people down.

This is also seen mostly in a work environment, some people will go ahead and pass false information to their bosses or to their leaders or their managers in order to bring their fellow colleagues down. But the question you need to ask yourself is this, if I succeed in getting this person out of the way in the office will I earn his or her salary.

3.  Forget yourself long enough to lend a helping hand.

 You may be thinking that you have the greatest problem in the world but until you hear other people’s stories, you will have a rethink.

 We must keep our problems and side and see how to help someone lacking in the area you have already succeeded, that is the right way to live because many people are facing challenges or difficulties in the area in which you have already overcome, to them, those are difficult issues in their life but to you, it is so elementary that you think it doesn’t mean anything.

 And in helping other people solve their problems, you will find out that you are actually solving your own problem indirectly, it may not be obvious immediately, but later on, you will understand that it is at the point of solving a problem for the other person you will be able to solve your own problem.

4.  Think about the way Jesus taught.

How did he think that is a great question how did Jesus think or how is he thinking? The Bible made us understand that even though Jesus has kind of equal status with God as in he has direct access to God yet he belittled himself he became an ordinary man. He served many people, helped many people, he prayed for many people healed many people, and worst of it all he died a selfless obedient death.

 He humbled himself came down to the level of a normal human being and that is the only way he was able to help humanity so that is what we need to do. We must also learn to humble ourselves, come down to the level of others no matter our status, then put ourselves in other people should see what they feel and experience they are problems.

 In conclusion,  when we do all this four for points that are listed above, will begin to see that the roots of self-centeredness or selfishness will gradually die off completely and the like the way Jesus was honored by God because He humbled himself, the same way God will honor us when we humble ourselves in order to help other people achieve success in life.

 Today, make it a point of duty that you are going to kill the root of self-centeredness from your life by asking God to help you through the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome every spirit of selfishness or self-centeredness that is still operating in your life, and when you do this God will be so glad and you will experience a new type of peace.